Make Your Own Clothes BEGINNERS

My Sewing Journey

Maybe you had a brief (bad if anything like me) experience in school.

Maybe you have a sewing machine lurking in the corner and you don’t know how it works.

Maybe you love textiles, style but never see YOUR style in shops.

Maybe you are disgusted with Fast Fashion and its impact on the environment and the misery it inflicts on our fellow humans.

Maybe you just want to do something new.

I’m here to help. I have been sewing on and off most of my 46 years. I studied Textile Design and learnt how to work a machine creatively but I didn’t learn how to sew clothes until I met an older lady who was a tailor in a shirt factory in Sligo for 50 years. She was a TOUGH teacher.. I spent most of my time ripping.
And more ripping!
But I became pretty good in the end. I ended up making my wedding dress which I am still so proud of. And then I had children and it kinda fell off my radar.
Until lockdown.
I dusted off my machine during lockdown to make PPE for the community and suddenly remembered the JOY of making clothes.
I became re-obsessed. And with the plethora of online fabric shops, the indie pattern designers, it’s a really exciting time to delve into this world.
It brings me calm. Focus. Joy. Excitement. Much cursing. And has taught me patience which benefits me greatly in my painting practice.
It’s the true essence of slowing down.
I am excited to share what I know with you so you can pass this knowledge onto your family and friends and be wearing your own #memadewardrobe. Click here for further info..
x Lorna